JS Fest - international conference covering all aspects of JavaScript development.

It's one of the biggest JS conferences in Eastern Europe which brings together hundreds of experienced like-minded people.

The conference will be held for the 3rd time and will bring together speakers from 10 countries of the world.

Continuing the tradition, we will meet again in the largest IT city of Ukraine - Kyiv!

We will talk about:

  • Apps architecture
  • Modern frameworks (SvelteJS, GatsbyJS, React, Angular, etc)
  • Blockchain
  • Mobile development (in particular with Flutter)
  • AI-powered JS apps
  • Trends in software development
  • and also how to stay on the edge of technologies and fit new market requirements.



JS Backend

Embedded & Mobile

JS Core

Architecture & Design

Optimization & Testing




Approaches and tools

At the conference we will talk about the use of tools, frameworks and practices.

World-famous speakers

We invite TOP-specialists from the USA, Europe and Ukraine who will present talks, full of practical examples from real-life projects.

"Expert's corner"

Opportunity to communicate with world-class speakers in person, ask questions and get a little personal master class.

Special atmosphere

We create a special atmosphere for communication, to receive new knowledge, share ideas, learn and be inspired.

New connections and networking

This large-scale event is a great chance to get new contacts that will be useful in the future career development.

Flawless organization

We work only with proven suppliers and with strict adherence to the schedule, so there will be no bad surprises for you.

Prize draw

Our partners have prepared many interesting surprises and contests for the participants, so you will have chance to get not only new knowledge, but also some gifts!

Practical cases

Practitioners with hands-on experience will share their expertise and tell about challenges they face in their projects.


Front-end world is one of the most fast-developing in IT. That's why JS Fest will present only latest trends and real-project experience. Our speakers are famous people in JS communities. These are people who drive the industry and with every project prove that development is an art!

Venkat Subramaniam

Venkat Subramaniam

Founder of Agile Developer, Inc, USA
An award-winning author, got the reward the Practices of an Agile Developer Award for his book "Jolt Productivity 2007", сreator of agilelearner.com, and an instructional professor at the University of Houston
Asim Hussain

Asim Hussain

EMEA Regional Lead for Developer Relations, UK
Cloud developer advocate at Microsoft. 18 years of experience in Google, Microsoft and the European Space Agency. An author of online courses on Angular, JS and a book "Angular: from Theory to Practice".
Rowdy Rabouw

Rowdy Rabouw

Web developer with over 20 years’ experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, Netherlands
Freelancer worker since 2004. Currently Rowdy is a leading developer of various JavaScript and NativeScript projects.
David Mosher

David Mosher

Software Developer, Test Double, Canada
Working on web and client software. Likes to work with modern tools like Grunt and Lineman. Specializes in High Performance Front-End Web Architecture.
Maciej Treder

Maciej Treder

Senior Software Development Engineer, Poland
Open Source contributor - creator of @ng-toolkit opensource project - set of tools for expanding existing Angular applications.
Glenn Reyes

Glenn Reyes

Front-end Engineer, Austria
React & GraphQL user, creator of Graphpack, co-organizer of React Vienna meetings.
Eyal Eizenberg

Eyal Eizenberg

Team Leader, Israel
Eyal has been hitting the JS scene since the evil days of Prototype (that thing that came before jQuery) but finally found his true love... React!
Dmytro Zharkov

Dmytro Zharkov

Software engineer, Germany
Dmytro has 12 years of experience in software engineering, design, and architecture. He likes to discover new trends in technologies and share those findings with others.
Boris Mogila

Boris Mogila

Senior full-stack developer, Ukraine
He has experience in developing PWA, AMP. Works on VR interfaces.
Dmitriy Kovalenko

Dmitriy Kovalenko

Senior JavaScript Developer, Ukraine
The creator of the project with date-time pikers for material-ui.
Volodymyr Rudyi

Volodymyr Rudyi

CEO, Ukraine
Experienced software developer. Helps companies to create SaaS solutions.
Majid Hajian

Majid Hajian

Lead Web/Mobile Engineer, Norway
Majid is the author of "Progressive web app with Angular" book. He is (co)organizer of a few mobile and web meetups in Norway as well as Nordic conferences for mobile and Angular, Mobile Era and ngVikings.
Vasyl Dytsiak

Vasyl Dytsiak

Senior Frontend Dev, Ukraine
Flutter enthusiast.
Daniel Ostrovsky

Daniel Ostrovsky

Web R&D Manager, Ізраїль
Andrey Starovoyt

Andrey Starovoyt

Developer, Russia
Andrey is a developer working on WebStorm at JetBrains five years.
Marko Letic

Marko Letic

Tech Speaker, Serbia
JS enthusiast, lecturer and data visualization scientist. He is one of the organizers of Armada JS, the first JS conference in Serbia.
Sota Ohara

Sota Ohara

Tech Lead, Software Engineer, Japan
He has a passion for solving business problems and hope his work to improve the future and change the human life.
Santosh Viswanatham

Santosh Viswanatham

Tech Speaker, India
Santosh is a Senior Development Engineer at Pramati. He eats Vanilla JS and Angular for Breakfast.
Anna Henningsen

Anna Henningsen

NearForm, Germany
Over the last 3 years, Anna has been one of the most active contributors to Node.js core.
Vitalii Kukhar

Vitalii Kukhar

Full Stack Developer, Ukraine
His field of activity is e-commerce, specialty - ReactJS and NodeJS.
Julian Krispel-Samsel

Julian Krispel-Samsel

Freelancer, UK
Active contributor and creator of Open Source projects.


Afterparty is a must have of each of our conferences, you can't miss it and can't forget!

No boring buffets and banquets! Only hot fest, drive, music and delicious snacks.

Contests, rich program, special guests and, as always, the most interesting board games for happy gangs.



JS Fest 2019 - November 8-9, 2019

Early Bird - 150 USD
(sold out)
Smart Bird - 200 USD
(sold out)
Regular - 250 USD
until November 3rd
Last Chance - 280 USD
from November 4th

You can return your ticket until October 18, 2019 (payment system commission 5,5% will be withheld). You can replace participant name untill November 1, 2019.



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